Donington Park Preview

Friday 29 – Saturday 30 April, a packed grid will kick off the Mini racing season for the much-anticipated opening rounds.


Several multi-champions are back to contest what is regarded as one of the most competitive race series on the planet, with four-time winner Aaron Smith joined by fellow titleists Rupert Deeth, Ian Curley, Kane Astin and former BTCC standouts Andrew Jordan and Jeff Smith to name a few.

Several more on the entry list have proven Mini race-winning credentials in the M7RC or in Historics, so picking a favourite could be nigh on impossible, but the likes of Phil Bullen-Brown, Colin Peacock and Nick Paddy should be right in the mix too.

What is possible to predict however is the sheer raucous energy a gridful of these mega-tuned 1.3-litre machines will create on the run down to Redgate for what promises to be a thrilling season-opening double-header.


Mini Libre

Donington drew the largest entry of the 1400cc-limit ‘Special Tuning’ category last season, and this time around there will again be some interesting combinations.

Having been narrowly pipped to the national crown, Julian Proctor gained recompense with the winter trophy in his 5-port example, but in 2023 it was Josh Evans’ 8-porter that led the way here with a double-victory. That was on the shorter layout so it will be interesting to see how the additional Melbourne Loop suits each cars’ power set-up in a class that doesn’t always favour the ‘hare’…



There are just as many race winners in the 1-litre ‘Heritage’ formula as the power-heavy classes, with reigning national Challenge champion Mike Jordan back to defend his latest crown in a long and successful career in tin-tops.

Looking to deprive him of back-to-back titles though will be the likes of Ross Billison who comes into 2024 as the winter series winner, with Joe Thompson, Spencer Wanstall and Glen Woodbridge likely to be the other main protagonists.

Also on this weekend’s entry list is one name sure to raise a few eyebrows, multi-BTCC champion Colin Turkington no less, who is simply aiming to have fun in various club races before his gruelling BTCC campaign begins in April, and who knows he may be out in future as the M7RC is again billed alongside the touring cars at Thruxton in June…


Mini-7 S-Class

Another strong ‘Scholarship’ entry looks set to line-up behind the Se7ens this weekend, with Jonathon Page out to defend his 2023 national title.

Runner-up and winter standout Matt Ayres will be looking to go well at his ‘local’ circuit but Page will have brother Matthew and dad Giles on-track as back-up, the latter no doubt keen to erase memories of last season when his car went up in flames before he could qualify for the race!

Look out too for former class champion Michael Winkworth who was back on form towards the end of last season having missed a few meetings, whilst veteran Andy Hack will be aiming to take big points off the rest as his son Frazer, another title favourite, is scheduled to miss this one.



LAP RECORDS (2.5-mile GP circuit)

Miglia:             Rupert Deeth                                    1:49.163            82.02 mph            4 June 2017

Libre:                        Peter Crewes                                    1:51.094            80.60 mph            4 June 2017

Se7en:                        Spencer Wanstall                        1:58.983            75.25 mph            24 October 2021

S-Class:            Michael Winkworth                        2:01.456            73.72 mph            24 October 2021




The Se7ens’ younger but more powerful Mini Miglia siblings first graced UK circuits in 1969/70, and have consistently been providing bang-for-buck tin-top action for decades, all trying to win The Peter Collins Trophy. Widely regarded by racing aficionados as ‘mini Touring Cars’, these originally 998cc machines now run with larger capacity 1.3-litre engines, and pack a mean punch.

On the back of the Miglia grids, the M7RC runs its Mini Libre semi-invitational category for other Mini race saloons, with varying interpretations of A-Series tuning.



Engines:            1293cc modified A-Series

0-60mph:            4.5 seconds

Top speed:            125 mph

Transmission:            4-speed manual, 3.9:1 final drive

Tyres:                        Dunlop 160/490 x 10” slicks (dries) or treaded (wets)

Wheels:            Any 10” diameter x maximum 7” rims

Fuel:                        Unleaded or Super Unleaded

Yellow/Black door squares/windscreen headers



Engines:            up-to-1400cc modified, A-Series block

Transmission:            4-speed manual

Tyres:                        Dunlop 160/490 x 10” slicks (dries) or treaded (wets)

Wheels:            Any 10” diameter x maximum 7” rims

Fuel:                        Unleaded or Super Unleaded

Lt Blue door squares/windscreen headers




For over half a century, the Mini Se7en Challenge for The Bob Fox Trophy has been providing great motor racing at an affordable price. Much may have changed since the first ever 850cc Formula Mini-7 race at Brands in April 1966, but the now 1-litre Mini Se7ens still provide superb entertainment for driver and spectator alike, and can stick to the tarmac like the proverbial go-kart!

Starting behind the Se7ens, the milder-tuned 1275cc S-Class offers a more standard, budget introduction, where hopefuls looking to get on the motor racing ladder can also aim for the Graham Hill Memorial Trophy for the leading Under-17 driver.



Engines:            998cc modified A-Series

0-60mph:            6.6 seconds +

Top speed:            110 mph +

Transmission:            4-speed manual, ratios/final drive free

Tyres:                        Dunlop 500L x 10” CR70 (dries) or

                        CR65 treaded (wets)

Wheels:            5J x 10” alloys

Fuel:                        Unleaded or Super Unleaded

Red door squares/windscreen headers



Engines:            Standard 1275cc, limited mods

0-60mph:            7.5 seconds

Top speed:            105 mph)

Transmission:            4-speed, standard

Tyres:                        Dunlop 500L x 10” CR70 (dries) or

                        CR65 treaded (wets)

Wheels:            5J x 10” alloys

Fuel:                        Unleaded or Super Unleaded

Green door squares/windscreen headers




All classes:

In each class, 20-19-18-17-etc, down to 3 for 18th, 2 points to all other finishers, 1 point non-finishers

All rounds run less 3 scores to count in main Dunlop Challenge (i.e. best 14)






Title sponsor of the Mini Challenges – all cars run on regulation Dunlop racing tyres.


Mini Spares

Title co-sponsor of the Mini Challenges – a leading Mini aftermarket specialist.



Sponsor of the Improver awards, for most places made up by a driver in the race from their starting grid position.


Piper Cams

Sponsor of the Fastest Lap awards.

2023 Awards Night

A fantastic evening celebrating our 2023 season, and the trophies were awarded as follows;

Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Aaron Smith
  2. Rupert Deeth
  3. Kane Astin
  4. Andrew Jordan
  5. Phil Bullen-Brown
  6. Shaun King
  7. Mark Sims
  8. Colin Peacock
  9. Jeff Smith
  10. Ben Colburn

Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Mike Jordan
  2. Joe Thompson
  3. Ross Billison
  4. Spencer Wanstall
  5. Darren Thomas
  6. Graeme Davis
  7. Glen Woodbridge
  8. Connor O’Brien
  9. Damien Harrington
  10. Andy King

Dunlop Mini Se7en S-Class Trophy Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Jonathon Page
  2. Matt Ayres
  3. Frazer Hack
  4. Chris Prior
  5. Dave Rees
  6. Michael Winkworth
  7. Matthew Page
  8. Andy Hack
  9. Jack Vanner
  10. Arnold Duncan

Mini Libre ST Trophy

  1. Richard Colburn
  2. Julian Proctor
  3. Phil Harvey
  • Spax Improver Award, most places gained – Rupert Deeth
  • Peter Tisdale Trophy, best prepared Mini Miglia – Aaron Smith
  • Phil West Shield, best prepared Mini Se7en/S-Class – Mike Jordan/Michael Winkworth
  • The SP Trophy, most reliable car – Ross Billison
  • The Bryan Slark Valve, it can only get better – Connor O’Brien
  • Nick Cooke Trophy, best support team – Mike Jordan
  • Chris Inch Trophy, most fastest laps – Mike Jordan
  • Frank Gillibrand trophy, spirit of the M7RC – Ross Billison
  • Tom Jarrett Award, best Mini Se7en newcomer – Kate Fraser Ker
  • Norman Finn Trophy, most Mini Se7en poles – Mike Jordan
  • Mike Fry Trophy, most Miglia poles – Andrew Jordan/Jeff Smith
  • Graeme Hill Trophy, most points under 17 – Kieran Edgecombe
  • Bill Sollis Trophy, most second places – Joe Thompson
  • Fred Jackson Trophy, club person of the year – Amanda Proctor
  • Steve Bell Trophy, most points after round 6, Joe Thompson
  • Chris Tyrell Trophy, most points overall, Joe Thompson
  • 7 Oaks Cup, most points at Brands Hatch, Ross Billison/Glen Woodbridge/Matt Ayres/Rupert Deeth
  • Maurice Leggate Trophy, drive of the season, Aaron Smith
  • Graham Edwards Trophy, one step away, Graeme Davis
  • The Dunlop Cup, most improved – Arnold Duncan/Ross Billison/Phil Bullen-Brown

Thank you to Ollie Read for the excellent pics!

Aaron Smith tries a Mini Se7en

Mini Miglia champion Aaron Smith had the chance to compete in Jordan Sims’ 998-engined Mini Se7en at Silverstone, and he did rather well, staying with the lead pack and even taking the lead at one stage. So after a weekend of trying his hand at our original formula, we checked in to see what he thought…

So, obvious first question – how was it?
I honestly had a great weekend driving the Se7en – I would recommend trying it out to anyone. I had no idea how I would get on initially, as I only drove the car for a couple of 20-minute sessions on the Friday test at Silverstone. Darren Thomas had done all the prep work on the car and it felt really good straight away, so luckily I could get up and running pretty quickly.

The basic principles of driving a Miglia, Se7en or S-Class are all very similar. The main difference between a Miglia and a Se7en is just the mechanical grip. The Miglias are stuck to the tarmac, whereas in a Se7en you have the narrowed tyres, more like a historic Mini, and you need it to move around more so you can carry corner speed. The drivers all battle just as close, and are all great fun to have a go in.

There are always rumours over costs. Do you think you need to spend a fortune to get to the front?
Rumours are an amazing thing, and it’s definitely the first thing people jump to when their car isn’t going as fast! I honestly don’t know how much Jordan’s engine cost, but if it’s a new engine it’s going to be quite a bit in parts alone. If you think – steel crack, steel rods, light weight pistons – you get the idea.

In general, most of the engines are of similar pace – look at the results and this year we had five different race winners and seven different cars have made it to the podium. You will get competitors with the ‘full works’ engines, and that’s the same in any form of motorsport, but that doesn’t mean they are unbeatable by any means. There are plenty of drivers out there with the ability to win.

But to avoid any arguments, I would say Jordan’s car has a very similar spec to everyone else, although I don’t know exactly what he’s spent, I wouldn’t like to get too much into that…!

Ok, fair enough, so how do you go about getting the most from a Mini Se7en?
I would say car prep is a massive step into making your car fast – making sure everything is in good condition. So start with the simple things like wheel bearings, they are very important for rolling resistance. Less resistance equals more speed. That’s just one thing, and it doesn’t necessarily cost you any money.

Driving the car, focus on getting the very best you can out of it. So go and walk the circuits, get to know your way round. Watch other drivers, see if they are braking later, carrying more speed, and it all helps in becoming faster. That’s the key to it.

So now you’ve had a go, do you fancy a full season in a Se7en?
Yes, I would 100% do a full season. I really enjoy driving any of the cars, be that a Miglia, Se7en or S-class. Just being part of the Mini 7 racing Club is great. There’s always plenty of laughs through the racing and the club as a whole always puts on as great show.

I have been lucky enough to do very well in the championship and will be racing for many years to come.

Out of the four formulas, which would you recommend to a newcomer?
That’s a tough one. When I started, I decided based on what car and spares packages were for sale. I went straight into a Miglia, as the car and spares were being sold as a retirement package, so it had everything to get me going. I even won two races in that car before progressing to a new build.

If you look at running costs, getting the car to the events, entries, fuel, consumables, testing – it’s the same in all classes. So then it just comes down to cost of the car and engine. The S-Class engines are the cheapest to look after, as it’s quite a standard engine. Se7en and Miglia engines will usually cost more to maintain, as they have more advanced parts to them. Then again, if you look after them they will look after you and your wallet!

2024 Calendar Announced

We’re excited to now share with you the complete race calendar for 2024. Please book these weekends out / begin negotiations with the family around these dates!

There’s lots to like about this calendar, including the fact that there will be no combined Mig/Seven races bar the Winter shootout finale at Brands Hatch in November, which will be run to a brand-new format.

We return to Cadwell Park, Thruxton with the Touring Cars, the Mini Festival is back to two days with three races, and we’ll also visit the Castle Combe Historic Festival. Importantly, we have avoided clashes with some of the major Mini race events like Goodwood and the Silverstone Classic.

  • Rounds 1-2, Donington Park GP, 29-30 March 2024
  • Rounds 3-4, Cadwell Park, 27-28 April 2024
  • Rounds 5-6, Snetterton 300, 18-19 May 2024
  • Rounds 7-8, Thruxton BTCC, 7-9 June 2024
  • Rounds 9-10, Anglesey, 6-7 July 2024
  • Rounds 11-13, Brands Hatch Mini Festival, 3-4 August 2024
  • Rounds 14-15, Castle Combe, 21-22 September 2024
  • Rounds 16-17, Silverstone International, 13-14 October 2024
  • Winter shootout, Brands Hatch Indy, 2-3 November 2024


Annual Awards Night

We are pleased to announce that the M7RC Annual Trophy Awards will be held on Saturday January 27th at the Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel.

Please be sure to book your place at the dinner table and a room for the night as soon as possible, as the evening is going to be as popular as ever. Note, our Annual Technical Meeting will precede the awards on the afternoon of the 27th.

Do start thinking and gathering feedback / seconders for any Technical and Sporting Regulation Proposals you wish to be discussed / voted on.  

The tickets are available from Mark Sims via, and cost £70 each.

To book your room at the hotel, call 01676 522335, press Option 1 and quote the code MI7 for a special discounted rate of £135.

Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club Maxstoke Lane

Croft Preview

A much-anticipated return to Croft should guarantee thrilling track action, as we reach rounds 14-15 of the 2023 season. And what a thrilling season it’s been thus far.


Competition for top honours in the 1.3-litre Miglia class has never been as fierce, with half a dozen or more aces all capable of winning on raceday. Three-time champion Aaron Smith holds what looks like a clear advantage at the top of the standings but both Kane Astin and Rupert Deeth are also ex-class champions poised to close the gap should Smith falter, as is former BTCC title winner Andrew Jordan who has an outside chance despite missing a couple of meetings this season.

Dropped scores come into play after this weekend’s double-header, and so the title chase could well head off to the Silverstone finale next month with overall placings decided by number of wins – Smith, Astin and Jordan currently have 3 apiece, while Deeth will be hoping he can unlock the winning combination from his all-new car.

Mini Libre

Starting behind the Miglias is the M7RC’s category for alternative A-Series tuning, and leading the way is former S-Class champ Julian Proctor, one win and half a dozen other podium finishes giving him a 21-point advantage. However, reigning title holder Richard Colburn has been steadily closing the gap in his similar 5-porter with three wins on the trot, while Les Stanton, Phil Harvey and Peter Hills (16v) are all still in with a shout.


The highly experienced Mike Jordan is the man on form among the 1-litre frontrunners, eight victories taking him to within 6 points of series leader Joe Thompson who bagged a brace earlier in the season. However, Ross Billison has shown a decent turn of speed so far and with one win plus several runner-up finishes has moved up into 3rd overall just 8 points shy of Jordan.

Similarly, in 4th Spencer Wanstall is not all that far off having also scored a single victory, as has the 2022 champion Connor O’Brien in 6th who looks to have finally overcome his early season reliability woes. These five are the most likely to be in the hunt this weekend, although Glen Woodbridge is edging ever closer to top spot, while Darren Thomas and Damien Harrington cannot be discounted from being on leading pace.

Mini-7 S-Class

Heading into Croft, Jonathan Page tops the milder-tuned 1275cc category having racked up four class victories in the last half dozen starts, five fastest laps adding extra bonus points too. Add to that, he has had brother Matthew picking up points from his rivals including victory at Brands last month to make it a Page double.

Chris Prior lies second overall however thanks to consistent scoring but has yet to repeat his debut victory of last season, while Frazer Hack in 3rd will be keen to get his title challenge back on track, his four wins so far tempered with a fifth DNF last time out in a first corner melée that also saw dad Andy in the gravel, Hack senior having won earlier in the season. Matt Ayres is the other title contender, his early season 3-win pace-setting blunted with a triple DNS at the overseas Zandvoort trip, although conversely this means he has no points to drop either so simply has to go all out for top scores from the four remaining rounds.


LAP RECORDS (2.125-mile circuit)

Miglia:             Joe Thompson                        1:33.326            81.97 mph                        14 April 2019           

Libre:                        Jos Evans                                    1:35.465            80.13 mph                        14 April 2019

Se7en:            Leon Wightman                        1:43.056            74.23 mph                        14 April 2019

S-Class:            Scott Kendall                        1:44.892            72.93mph                        14 April 2019




Thruxton BTCC preview

Anyone who has ever watched a Miglia race at Thruxton will tell you to “hold on to your hats!”  With aerodynamics akin to a house brick, a key skill in winning here is the art of flat-out slipstreaming rivals all the way round the far side of Thruxton’s 2.356 miles and plan not to be leading before the last corner, although many have found themselves taking the chequer ahead even after a last-gasp nudge across the kerbs!

Atop the standings of a champion-laden entry is Aaron Smith, having won titles between 2018-20 and so far this season has been 1st at Donington in April and 2nd on three other occasions, while not far behind is 2015 champion Kane Astin who has recorded two maximums, also at Donington and last time out at Snetterton too.

Jeff Smith has made his comeback in an equally competitive tin-top arena, and having secured multi-Mini Se7en titles moved up to Migs in 2021. A pair of victories, at Silverstone in March and last time out at Snetterton, shows he is gradually coming to grips after a challenging first season.

Rupert Deeth is another in the ‘triple title club’ (2014, 18, 22) but is further down the standings having missed Donington. Also expected to be bang on the pace are former BTCC champion (not to mention 2021 Miglia title as well) Andrew Jordan, who won the other Silverstone round back in March, and Historic F1 ace Nick Padmore, a Mini winner here at this same meeting back in 2019.

Battling over their own title from the rear of the Miglia grid are the Mini Libres, and they too will make the ground beneath your feet shake. Les Stanton and Peter Hills top the points but the winners’ spoils have been shared between 2021 champion Richard Colburn, Josh Evans and Steve Baker.

Leading the Mini Se7ens into this weekend is Joe Thompson, an established frontrunner in only a few short seasons. Victories at Silverstone and Donington, added to four other podiums, gives him a clear advantage over his nearest rivals.

Despite a trio of wins, one at Silverstone and both races at Snetterton last month, plus a 2nd and 3rd, Mike Jordan is adrift on points partly because he chose Goodwood Historics over Donington on the Sunday of the double-header weekend in April. In third overall lies Ross Billison, the winner of that Sunday race, and whose front-running nous has steadily risen in recent seasons, so don’t rule him out.

Likewise Spencer Wanstall and Glen Woodbridge who both have the pace to be in the mix at the chequered flag. The always immaculate green car of class rep Darren Thomas has won at this fixture before while reigning class champion Connor O’Brien will be hoping for a change of fortune after a reliability-troubled start to the season.

Starting 10 seconds behind the Se7ens, the feeder ‘Scholarship’ category should provide equally intense action, drifting and kerb-hopping in a similar fashion to their senior siblings.

Having graduated from karts, Matt Ayres is the current points leader, taking a double-victory at Silverstone followed up with a third win at Donington, but was off the pace last time out at Snetterton so expect a return to form this weekend.

Behind Ayres in the standings, Jonathan Page’s second season in the formula has seen him in the mix at most rounds but has yet to repeat his victories of last season, while brother Matthew looks to be equally competitive. Frazer Hack is following in dad Andy’s footsteps – literally – and both won a race apiece at Snetterton last month, indeed a father-and-son 1-2 in the first race there.

Hot on their heels however will no doubt be Michael Winkworth, class titleist in 2021, Winter crown in 2022 and already a race winner at Donington this season. With full grids expected this weekend, spectators won’t have much time to catch their breath!



LAP RECORDS (2.356-mile circuit)

Miglia:             Nick Padmore                        1:28.646            95.67 mph                        19 May 2019           

Libre:                        Phil Harvey                                    1:29.809            94.44 mph                        19 May 2019

Se7en:            Paul Thompson                        1:37.933            86.60 mph                        21 August 2005

S-Class:            James Bull                                    1:38.447            86.15 mph                        2 June 2018


Snetterton – 13/14th May

It’s almost time to go racing once again, as we return to the Snetterton 300 Circuit in Norfolk. We’ll have two qualifying sessions on Saturday morning, two races in the afternoon, then two further races on Sunday.

Almost 60 cars will contest four different racing classes, and we’ll be joined by the MINI Challenge, Caterhams, BMWs, MGs and more.

Mini Miglia
Aaron Smith currently leads the standings in the Mini Miglia championship, with three podiums, a win and fastest lap from four rounds so far. Meanwhile Kane Astin is on fine form, currently P2, and newcomer Nick Paddy in P3. Jeff Smith will be keen to make amends from a tricky Donington Park, while 2022 champion Rupert Deeth is back after a Goodwood clash for the last rounds, and will be keen to score big points. Other potential winners include Phil Bullen-Brown and Ben Colburn.

Mini Libre
Les Stanton currently leads the points, while Peter Hills in P2 showed great pace last time out. If all goes well for Josh Evans, his 8-port equipped bright green machine will be a sure favourite on the long straights.

Mini Se7en
It’s close as ever in our original formula, with Joe Thompson currently out in front of Ross Billison, a winner of the last round at Donington, and Mike Jordan in P3. 2022 champion Connor O’Brien will no doubt be in the mix after a difficult start to the season, while Spencer Wanstall has shown he’s well on the pace with a fastest lap in round 1.

Glen Woodbridge and Darren Thomas have also shown a real turn of speed and could challenge for the top spots.

Mini Se7en S-Class
Boasting some of the largest grids in recent times, our entry-level series is as competitive as ever. Matt Ayres is the man to beat so far, with three wins from four, although Michael Winkworth is back, and as quick as ever before. Jonathon Page had a difficult time at Donington and will looking for podiums, maybe a win.

If you’d like to join us (why would you not?!), tickets can be found at the following link: Snetterton tickets

Timetable (click the image to download)

Live feed

Below you will find information and links to this coming weekend’s live stream, which are now set up and ready to go.


Sunday | Stream starts at 09:30 –


Saturday | Stream starts at 13:00 –
Sunday | Stream starts at 09:30 –

Opening Rounds – 18/19 March Silverstone

The British Racing & Sports Car Club 2023 season kicks off with a bang, featuring four Mini 7 Racing Club races, alongside MX5s, Clubsport Trophy and Modified Ford Series.

We will be competing on the Full GP Circuit, based by the former F1 pit garages, and tickets are available from £17 in advance here:

Brands Hatch Preview

With four races completed in the 7-round Winter Mini Challenge, this weekend’s grand finale looks set to be a nail-biting climax as a multitude of drivers are all in with a chance of winning overall series honours plus the separate ‘0-Plate’ trophies for the three races across Saturday and Sunday, not to mention the Mini 7 Racing Club’s long-standing Sevenoaks Cups for all points tallied at Brands Hatch in a season.

So with all four Mini classes running together off the same grid the on-track permutations will certainly keep the lap charters and calculators busy!


In the performance-packed 1293cc Miglia category, the top six in the standings are all former class champions, with former BTCC titleist Andrew Jordan atop the entry by just 1 point from Rupert Deeth and Aaron Smith, with the likes of Jeff Smith, Kane Astin and Colin Peacock all in with a shout too. Either way, expect nothing less than dizzying pace from these frontrunning Mini masters.


Dan Lewis and Huw Thomas head the invitation Libre cars, their respective 8-port and 16-valve A-Series variations having been at home on the longer straights of Silverstone, although around the tighter, undulating Brands bowl expect to see the 5-porters closer to the pace, Richard Colburn having already secured the main National title in his example.


For the longest-established Se7ens which originally started out as 850cc in 1966, it might seem that a 20 point advantage for recent ‘National’ title winner Connor O’Brien will be insurmountable, but with only 5 of the 7 rounds to count then that gap could easily be closed if others in the now 1.0-litre ‘Heritage’ class can score the big points.

Mike Jordan for one will be aiming to leapfrog the series leader having lost out overall to O’Brien in the main Challenge, while the likes of Joe Thompson, Glen Woodbridge, Spencer Wanstall and newcomer Tom Mills all have the potential to upset the rankings.


Entries in the 1275cc feeder S-Class have rocketed in recent times, so expect a strong line-up here too.

Last year’s ‘National’ champion Michael Winkworth starts as favourite and holds a narrow advantage over Damien Harrington, the latter having taken the main 2022 Challenge title, while last season’s Winter champion Ryan Taylor will be hoping to defend his crown but faces the likes of Matt Ayres, Fraser Hack and Chris Prior who have all been on top form this season.



LAP RECORDS (1.2079-mile ‘Indy’ circuit)

Miglia:             Endaf Owens               0:54.221          80.20 mph       22 August 2021

Libre:               David Franks               0:54.800          79.35 mph       25 August 2018

Se7en:             Jeff Smith                    0:58.727          74.04 mph       13 November 2021

S-Class:            Damien Harrington     0:59.597          72.96 mph       7 August 2022