2023 Awards Night

A fantastic evening celebrating our 2023 season, and the trophies were awarded as follows;

Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Aaron Smith
  2. Rupert Deeth
  3. Kane Astin
  4. Andrew Jordan
  5. Phil Bullen-Brown
  6. Shaun King
  7. Mark Sims
  8. Colin Peacock
  9. Jeff Smith
  10. Ben Colburn

Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Mike Jordan
  2. Joe Thompson
  3. Ross Billison
  4. Spencer Wanstall
  5. Darren Thomas
  6. Graeme Davis
  7. Glen Woodbridge
  8. Connor O’Brien
  9. Damien Harrington
  10. Andy King

Dunlop Mini Se7en S-Class Trophy Supported by Mini Spares

  1. Jonathon Page
  2. Matt Ayres
  3. Frazer Hack
  4. Chris Prior
  5. Dave Rees
  6. Michael Winkworth
  7. Matthew Page
  8. Andy Hack
  9. Jack Vanner
  10. Arnold Duncan

Mini Libre ST Trophy

  1. Richard Colburn
  2. Julian Proctor
  3. Phil Harvey
  • Spax Improver Award, most places gained – Rupert Deeth
  • Peter Tisdale Trophy, best prepared Mini Miglia – Aaron Smith
  • Phil West Shield, best prepared Mini Se7en/S-Class – Mike Jordan/Michael Winkworth
  • The SP Trophy, most reliable car – Ross Billison
  • The Bryan Slark Valve, it can only get better – Connor O’Brien
  • Nick Cooke Trophy, best support team – Mike Jordan
  • Chris Inch Trophy, most fastest laps – Mike Jordan
  • Frank Gillibrand trophy, spirit of the M7RC – Ross Billison
  • Tom Jarrett Award, best Mini Se7en newcomer – Kate Fraser Ker
  • Norman Finn Trophy, most Mini Se7en poles – Mike Jordan
  • Mike Fry Trophy, most Miglia poles – Andrew Jordan/Jeff Smith
  • Graeme Hill Trophy, most points under 17 – Kieran Edgecombe
  • Bill Sollis Trophy, most second places – Joe Thompson
  • Fred Jackson Trophy, club person of the year – Amanda Proctor
  • Steve Bell Trophy, most points after round 6, Joe Thompson
  • Chris Tyrell Trophy, most points overall, Joe Thompson
  • 7 Oaks Cup, most points at Brands Hatch, Ross Billison/Glen Woodbridge/Matt Ayres/Rupert Deeth
  • Maurice Leggate Trophy, drive of the season, Aaron Smith
  • Graham Edwards Trophy, one step away, Graeme Davis
  • The Dunlop Cup, most improved – Arnold Duncan/Ross Billison/Phil Bullen-Brown

Thank you to Ollie Read for the excellent pics!

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