Quick Start Procedure for Castle Combe

 Castle Combe will introduce a new starting procedure for 2017. Please be aware of these changes ahead of the meeting on April 17th.  The new procedure is as follows:

1) All cars will form up as specified on the grid sheet in the assembly area.
2) The minimum countdown procedures/audible warning sequence shall be:
3) 1 minute to start of Green Flag formation lap - Start Engines.
4) 30 Seconds - Visible and audible warnings for the start of Green Flag formation lap.
5) Cars will then be released directly on to the circuit behind the Parade/Lead Car for the green flag lap.
6) All cars will then form a 2 x 2 grid.
7) A five second board will be used to indicate the grid is complete.
8) The red lights will be switched on five seconds after the board is withdrawn.
9) When red lights are extinguished the race will commence.
10) Drivers unable to start are required to indicate their situation as per MSA Q.12.13.2.
Some additional notes:
- If cars are already on the grid i.e. for a grid walk or aborted start, the start procedure will be in as above but Parade /Lead car will start at the front of the grid with signals being given from rostrum.
- Any cars driven into the pits on the Green Flag formation lap shall be held in the pit lane. They may start the race after the last car to take the start from the grid has passed the pit lane exit.
- In addition any driver unable to maintain grid positions on the Green Flag Lap, to the extent that ALL other cars are ahead of them, may complete the Green Flag lap but MUST remain at the rear of the last row of the grid but ahead of any cars to be started with a time delay.
- In the event of a starting lights failure the starter will revert to use of the National flag.

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