All-new Mini Libre formula to launch in 2017

The Mini 7 Racing Club is pleased to announce for the 2017 season, the launch of the Mini Libre formula. Mini Libre is the all-new feeder series to run alongside the Mini Miglia championship - the absolute pinnacle of Mini circuit racing.

This new formula, meaning ‘free’ or ‘liberty’ - is the M7RC’s modern-day interpretation of those heady days of Free Formula and Special Saloons in the late-1960s/early-1970s, where Mini tuning really began to push the boundaries of performance.

For those aspiring to compete in the Mini Miglia championship, but without access to a top-flight 1293cc racer, Libre will provide the first step on that ladder. Perhaps you already have a 1380cc hillclimb Mini or a mighty 16-valve trackday weapon – here's your chance to compete on some of the UK's best circuits with one of the friendliest racing clubs around, without totally rebuilding your car.

Alongside the 2017 Mini Miglia champion-to-be, the M7RC will also be looking to ‘crown’ their first ever Mini Libre champion at the end of season awards, with the winner receiving the prestigious ST Trophy. Once hooked on the action, we expect to see many Libre drivers progressing on to Miglias, as we've seen with the Se7en S Class and the ever popular Se7ens.

As the name implies, the Mini Libre formula is open to all steel-shelled FWD racing Minis, running on 10-inch wheels and powered by a traditional A-Series block and gearbox. It will be a free formula, as it was in the early '70s, to allow car building creativity to really shine, all without breaking the bank.  Retro 1380 on twin split Webers, or 998 turbo? All good!

Club chairman Nick Cooke said, “we think that there are more than 50 racing Minis out there that would be eligible for this trophy, and with the launch of the Mini Libre formula, we wanted to get these cars back out onto the grid for 2017. It will bring back some of the excitement of the original Miglia formula from the 1970s to today’s modern day spectators.” 

The Mini Libre formula will run alongside the Mini Miglias at each of their 14 rounds of the 2017 Championship, with separate podiums and the ST Trophy awarded to the winner at the annual end of year trophy presentation. We race at some of the very best circuits in the UK including both MSV Mini Festivals, north and south.

With an emphasis on creating a friendly feeder series to the premium Mini Miglias, ballast may be used to reduce speed of the very fastest cars. The aim is not to build the most powerful money-no-object Mini, but to offer an entry point to those racers whose cars may not otherwise comply with Miglia regulations.

Regulations for the new series will be released in due course. The basic outline is a Mini Miglia style racer using a steel bodyshell (no spaceframes), BMC A-Series engine of any type and 10-inch diameter wheels. The usual safety regulations and MSA scrutineering will apply.

Expect to see BMW bike head conversions, 7-ports, 8-ports, KAD twin cams, turbos, fuel injection and five-ports that wouldn't usually comply with our 1293cc Mini Miglia regulations. 

To register your interest, please e-mail Colin Peacock - 

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