Another Mini 7 Club car returns for 2016

Mid-'90s Mini Challenge racer to join us again for the 50th anniversary season...

Last week we brought you news of Harrison Kirby’s restored ’68 Cooper S that will be joining us on the grid in 2016. And with that we heard from fellow club member Simon Martin.

Simon has been building his own Mini Se7en S-Class, but was recently offered a drive in this ‘90s racer owned by Mike Beach. Obviously he jumped at the chance.

The car was originally built in 1994 and raced at Mallory Park in 1995, along with a few hill climb events in between. It was then converted back for use on the road!

With a Jack Knight straight-cut gearbox and straight-cut drop gears, however, Simon explains that it was deemed too noisy for the daily commute and soon put into storage.

19 years on, the car has once again seen the light of day. The tech spec was apparently 20 years out of date, as you’d expect, but Simon has been busy making all the essential upgrades. A new CDS ‘cage is now in place, for example. 

It seems apt that the car still wears number 50 stickers on the doors as we reach our 50th anniversary season.

“Mr Beach has loaned the Mini exclusively to me to get it back on the track, where the car was initially built to be.” he says. “I have already passed my ARDS and have my novice race licence. When the offer of Mr Beach's car came about it was too good an offer to refuse…”

We look forward to seeing yet another Mini Se7en on the grid for 2016. What a year it's shaping up to be!

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Racing • 9th Dec, 15 •

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