Brands Hatch Mini Festival goes live, plus BBQ!

Brands Mini Festival - What's not to like! 

We have a truly excellent club weekend lined up for the Brands Festival:

  1. Over 55 cars entered (see below) plus more late entries expected
  2. Live streaming coverage of Sunday races on Facebook
  3. BBQ on Saturday night (free to members plus one guest)
  4. Live band on Saturday night, the Cellarats
  5. Club photo planned on Saturday night
  6. Click here for timetable
  7. Click here for final instructions
  8. Click here for paddock layout


Latest Entry List

Seven's and S Class

Leon    Wightman
Spencer Wanstall
Joe Thompson
Darren Thomas
Dom Burger
Jeff Smith
Steven  Hopper
Glen  Woodbridge
Lee Roberts
Tina Cooper
Julian Proctor
Darren Eaton
Graeme Andrew Davis
Leon Oli Window
Kieren  McDonald
Gareth Hunt
Andrew  Deviny
Ross  Billison
Jo Polley
Jonnie Kent
Ben Cutler
Andy Dickinson
Stuart Gilby
Simon  Martin
Connor Obrien
Scott  Kendall
Kelvin Edgar
Ben  Butler
Mark  Chappell
James Bryan

Miglias and Libre's

Mark Sims
Paul  Simmonds
Aaron Smith
James  Cuthbertson
Sam  Summerhayes
Colin  Peacock
Jason  Porter
Niven  Burge
Tony Le May
Nick  Padmore
Peter Harries
Rupert Deeth
Stuart Horsfall
Richard Jessop
Darren  Moon
Wayne Grayer
Chris  Morgan
Peter Crewes
Steve Baker
Josh Evans
Rob  Davis
Gary Warburton
Phil Harvey

Uncatergorised • 16th Jul, 19 •

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