Welcome to the new website

Hello and welcome in to our revamped club website. With the online world increasingly dominated by social media, things have very much changed over the past few years, so here’s an update to hopefully follow those trends.

The previous user login sections have gone, in favour of an easy-access bare bones of what we think is most important to club members during the season – namely who’s achieved the fastest laps, how many points you’ve scored and how to find the latest tech updates and bulletins.

The forum had been a tad broken and unloved for many years, so we would encourage all paid members to keep an eye on your email inboxes for Colin’s regular updates, and the private Facebook group chats we have in place.

Please bear with us as we gradually get to grips with the inner workings of the site; we’ll be gradually updating the calendar, standings and newsletter sections this week. All in time for what will hopefully be a momentous 56-car outing at Brands Hatch to support the BTCC.

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