Seats and harnesses – Zandvoort update

We return to Zandvoort on 14-16 July, and it’s going to be an unforgettable weekend of Mini racing action.

To clarify the seat requirements for the race weekend at Zandvoort this year, the following information will apply;


The seat must be FIA homologated and should have a label displaying the homologation number and, either a date of manufacture or a “not valid after” date. The three current seat standards are: 8855-1999, 8862-2009 and 8855-2021

The requirement is that the seat must be no more than 10 years old, so if your seat has the date of manufacture displayed then just add 10 years onto that date and make sure your seat is within that 10 years.

If your seat has a “not valid after” date displayed then take five years off, giving you the manufacture date, and then add 10 years back on. It may be necessary to provide evidence of this at the circuit.


With regards harnesses, the current standard is 8853-2016, the “not valid after” date displayed on the label can be extended for five years.

The older standard, 8853-1998 will expire on the date shown on the label.

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