Congratulations to our (provisional) 2018 champions

After a hectic finale at Silverstone, the 2018 championships have been provisionally decided. Provisionally as we have some sealed engines yet to check.

Topping the Mini Miglia championship are Aaron Smith (211pts), Rupert Deeth (194pts) and Dave Drew (191pts). Dave finished with most points overall, but moved down on drop scores.

The Libre championship was a real success for 2018, boasting 13 drivers and seven different winners in its second year. Up top were Phil Harvey (69pts), Ian Fraser (66pts) and David Franks (54pts).

Congratulations also to Rick Jessop, 2018 Miglia Novice Champion.

The Se7en championship saw fierce competition as always, 39 entrants and seven different winners. In the end it was Max Hunter (206pts), Spencer Wanstall (197pts) and Tom Sanderson (193pts).

Like the libre championship, the S-Class continues to thrive. after a close battle up front it was Scott Kendall (100pts), Nick Croydon-Fowler (83pts) and Thorburn Astin (76pts).

And finally our social media chap Stephen Colbran, who swapped sides of the fence to win the 2018 Mini Se7en Novice Championship.

Congratulations to all!

Full points and results are at:

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