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Ralph Budd's Se7en S Class build, part 2

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"Following on from my update in Part 1, Maldons has cleaned all the paint off the shell, including the roof without any distortion, and the guys have finished it off in a green primer so that I can see what’s what.

And what’s what is quite a bit of grot - grot that I wasn’t actually aware of; the door steps both sides, door jam panels both sides, boot floor corners and inner sills."

"Some of these have already been repaired but not to a very good standard, so as the panels are quite cheap (about £100 the lot) and we have a trade account with Mini Spares, we are going to do the job properly.

Whilst waiting for the panels to arrive we are getting on with some of the other jobs on our not-so-insignificant list.

As you can see I’ve already cut out the bulkhead. When I did this to my son Charlie’s Se7en last year it took me ages to fabricate the box, so to save a bit of time I have purchased the main folded panel from Endaf at Owens Fabrication.

This will weld in nicely and will only leave me the sides to fabricate. I’ve also made a start on tubbing the rear arches, and as I’ve never done this before I took a few tips from Mr. Owens and made a template from Charlie’s Se7en."

"It seems to have gone quite well, so all I’ve got to do now is weld in the bridging panel and then do the other side to match.

I should get a bit of time over Christmas to work on it, so the next installment will hopefully show good progress."


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